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To maximize the chances of you landing a job, we open up 100% of the job market and provide you not only C2C but also full-time/W2 jobs. Now, if you get a full-time/W2 job, you will be definitely working on End Clints payroll, it could either be working directly on our end-clients payroll or some Implementation Partner/Vendors payroll.
Whitepolar process works on five crucial areas. Let me take you through each one of them;
  1. Career Advice: We assign you a dedicated Career Advisor who gets in touch with you to understand your preferences and expertise. And discuss the plan with you. And streamline the process to help you better.
  2. Resume Understanding & Resume Enhancement: Our Trained technical expert with rich experience of the US IT Jobs Market will your sessions of resume understanding and resume enhancement.
  3. Technical Training & Guidance: Our Experienced Technical Trainers will take your sessions and guide you with real-time projects and frequent assessments.
  4. Resume Marketing & Interview Scheduling: We provide you with a personal recruiter who markets your profile on different job portals, schedules and fills your calendar with interviews, and stays on top of your schedule so that you don’t miss any important calls or emails.
  5. Compliance, Onboarding, and Background Check: This team will assist you with all the required documentation once you get a job. Also, offer convenient background check services as per your requirement.

No, we are not a consultancy. But how we are different from other consultancies is that we not only provide you with contract jobs, but we also provide you with a full-time/W2 job, which no other consultancy does in the market.

Also, we are an E-Verified Company with more than 400 people staff having an experience of more than 10 years and help candidates get full-time jobs with direct clients.

We aim to place our candidates as fast as possible that is exactly why we not only do C2C but also provide full-time/W2 jobs, which increases the chance of getting a job by 70%.

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